At Medallion Lighting our SERVICES follow directly from our PROCESS. We follow a carefully thought out and strategic methodology when working on a lighting project. We start with CONSULTING. A lot of questions are asked so that we know the customer’s goals and objectives in initiating the project. The more we know, the better we are able to recommend the most suitable lighting equipment.

Understanding the scope and goals of a project will lead us to the appropriate DESIGN. We take into account important considerations such as illumination level, size, shape, finish, energy use, maintenance requirements, durability; and of course, initial and life cycle costs. Armed with this crucial data, we are able to make sound recommendations for PRODUCT selection.

Notice that product selection comes not at the beginning of our process but at the END, by which time we are working with a clear understanding of our customers’ needs, hopes and desires. By utilizing our process, in collaboration with our customer, we are able to achieve successful outcomes.

Medallion Lighting’s extensive PRODUCT offering is supported by direct factory relationships with leading regional and national manufacturers. We provide and stand behind reliable, quality products that are cost-effective, timely delivered and fully warrantied.


Medallion Lighting has served as a consultant and supplier to the multi family housing industry since 1982. Our mission is to help owners and managers maximize their lighting strategies by understanding the unique needs of each individual property. We work in close collaboration with property management organizations to inform and educate and then deliver timely and appropriate options to meet the requirements of any project.

We employ a disciplined, focused approach that places product selection at the final step of a well conceived lighting decision making process.

By analyzing the property’s overall strategy, its existing infrastructure, architectural structure, competing environment and local codes, technical requirements and budget, we arrive at the product specifications that will achieve the goals of the overall strategic plan.


Medallion lighting‘s design plan will incorporate the selection of the most effective lighting fixtures and light sources that support the overall property strategy and goals. Important design plan considerations are illumination intensity, aesthetic appeal, energy efficiency, shape, size, finish, lamping, and other factors.

We determine the number, location and placement of fixtures for renovated or newly constructed spaces such as apartment units, common areas, offices, club houses, fitness centers, parking lot, and roads.

Medallion lighting has extensive expertise in site lighting which is best leveraged when we are involved in the early stages of project planning.

  • Our site lighting design services include: design, selection and layout of light poles and building mounted luminaires.
  • Computer-generated foot-candle studies to document recommendations and obtain municipal project approvals.
  • Project management coordination with installing contractors to ensure the specified result.


Medallion Lighting’s extensive product offering is specific to the needs of the multi-family housing industry and is supported by direct factory relationships with leading national and regional manufacturers.

Expertise in all phases of interior and exterior applications enables us to match the individual needs of a project to the most appropriate product solutions – one size does not fit all.

Repeat clients generate more than 90% of Medallion Lighting’s business. They tell us that they appreciate our knowledge and lighting expertise, but more importantly, they know that we stand behind our design work and product selection. Our current commitment to quality customer service and support separate medallion leading from conventional lighting suppliers, and fosters long-term relationships that meet our clients needs. Simply stated, our clients trust medallion lighting to deliver time after time.


What’s great about Medallion Lighting is that I always get a 110% effort, Dave is my ace in the hole!

— Senior Construction Manager

What I really like about dealing with Dave is that I always learn something every time we speak about a project.

— V.P. of Construction