For over twenty years, Medallion Lighting has been a TRUSTED ADVISOR AND SUPPLIER to the Multifamily Housing Industry. Our mission is to help owners and managers develop effective lighting plans based on the unique needs of each individual property. We work in close collaboration with the staff of property management organizations in order to provide information and education; and then deliver timely and appropriate options to meet the requirements of any project.

Medallion Lighting’s extensive product offering is specific to the needs of the Multifamily Housing Industry and is supported by direct factory relationships with leading national and regional manufacturers.

Expertise in all phases of interior and exterior applications enables us to match the individual needs of a project to the most appropriate product solutions – one size does NOT fit all.


We believe that a business prospers only when it maintains a genuine interest in the success of those it serves.

Medallion Lighting builds long term, value-added partnerships with clients by committing its expertise to the enhancement of those clients’ properties and businesses.